Contributor Access Application Process

**Please read all of the information below. If you believe you and the programme you contributed to meet the criteria as specified below, please click on the link at the bottom of the page to begin the application process.**

If you've made a significant contribution to a BBC TV or radio programme (for example, if you were a performer or a member of the production team), you can request a contributor's copy of the show if it is held in the archives.

Who can apply?

*We can only supply this material to applicants who have made a significant contribution to the making of the programme, or made a personal appearance, or where a relative has made a personal contribution or your company/organisation/property was featured.

*Members of the public who have seen themselves in studio audiences or crowd shots cannot obtain copies of programmes.

What’s not available?

*Sports footage broadcast before 1966.

*Free copy promised by programme makers - If you have been offered a free copy by the programme makers or are entitled to one under a contract you have to contact the production team direct.

*BBC News channel and BBC World News - Sorry, these programmes are not comprehensively archived.

*BBC World Service - It may be possible to obtain copies by contacting the relevant programme or the station directly.

*BBC Local Radio - It may be possible to obtain copies by contacting the relevant programme or the station directly.

*BBC national radio - Output has only been selectively archived therefore not all programmes are available.

*Regional television news - It may be possible to obtain copies by contacting the relevant programme directly.

*Come Dancing - Only episodes from 1977 onwards are available.

*This is Your Life - Only programmes broadcast by the BBC (29 July 1955 - 23 April 1964 and 2 November 1994 - 8 August 2003) are available. Programmes broadcast by ITV between 1969 and 1993 are not available from the BBC.

How much does it cost?

The charge for a single DVD copy from the original broadcast master is £108. If you’re ordering a series, the cost will be £168 for two parts, and then a further £60 for every additional episode regardless of length.

An audio CD copy of a radio programme will be £60.00.

Please note if you are requesting sports footage we can only accept cheques as payment.

All prices are inclusive of VAT. If you would like to proceed with your enquiry, please sign and complete the enclosed form. Due to the very large demand for this service, research and duplication may take up to eight weeks.

If you’re ordering from outside Europe, the costs are as follows;

DVDs: £110 (£90 + £20 shipping costs - no VAT).
Audio CDs: £70 (£50 + £20 shipping costs – no VAT)

**If you've read the above and believe you meet the criteria to apply for a copy of a programme and are happy to proceed, please complete the Contributor Access Application Form to begin the application process.** navigation

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